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Inverter Generators

An inverter generator is simply stated a device that generates electricity and then converts it from a direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC). Inverter generators have many applications where power is needed. An example of this would be campers who use converters to power small and large electronics and recharge batteries.

Since most electronics run on AC power having an inverter generator combination is extremely useful in an outdoor setting. Inverter generators are extremely fuel-efficient because the engine in the unit adjusts its speed to compensate for the amount of power demanded by the device being powered. So a cell phone will not require as much energy as a microwave oven making the inverter generator overall very efficient. Depending on the type of inverters or inverter generators used to power these electronic devices it could mean that some devices will not work properly or in some cases not at all.

There are four main types of inverters and inverter generators that are: true sine wave, pseudo sine wave, modified square wave and the square wave. The true sine wave is the purist waveform and of course produces the "purist" form of power. This is followed by the pseudo sine wave, then the modified square wave and finally the square wave which is considered obsolete. The reason why there are many types of inverters is because of cost.

The cost of the inverter is usually directly proportional to the type of device that needs to be powered. For example most audio and video equipment need to be powered by a sine wave input that is as pure (low distortion) as possible in order to produce the best possible audio and video output, and inverters in this category tend to be expensive. A modified square wave however can be used to power light electronics and charge batteries since their output is not related to the "purity" of the wave and these inverters are usually a lot cheaper.

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