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Marine Power Inverters

When in the market for a marine power inverter, any boater should consider a few key things to make certain they select the best power inverter solution for their needs, and their water craft. Even though marine power inverters share many of the properties of traditional power inversion systems which convert Direct Current power (such as from the terminals of a battery) to Alternating Current power (the type of power is typically used in most modern electronic devices), marine power inverters are specifically designed to both work better in marine environments, and have a greater resistance to the perils they might face at sea. Mariners interested in having their personal electronics at sea should consider just how much power your craft’s solar system can support, as well as the levels of power that they will need to draw to support their electronics first, with manufacturer reputation, as well as guarantees and warranties the manufacturer packages with the inverter.

The most important quality of a marine power inverter is the level of power that it will need to support. These inverters can provide as little as 600 Watts of electrical power while more potent systems can support loads over four kilowatts. While the necessary load support will depend on your personal needs, it’s important to remember that low end power inversion systems often provide power at a much higher cost per watt, and that the bare minimum system will not necessarily future throughput demands. It’s also important to take a look at the efficiency rating for each system. Some may boast two thousand watts of power, while they may in reality be providing far less. All in all, while there are many considerations to be made in regard to raw power throughput in your new marine power inverter system, you must still remember to future proof, but not over spend for an overly powerful system.

All in all, beyond the most important factors of performance are factors of reliability, and sea proofing. While these expensive pieces of hardware should never touch the open sea, there is always a constant salty sea breeze, which can prove very dangerous for electronics prone to corrosion. Different companies have different models of marine power inverters at different with different levels of protection. When purchasing, you should consider how often you take your boat out to sea, and purchase accordingly.

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