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Solar Power Inverters

Solar Power Inverters

Inverters convert DC battery power to AC, the current which is supplied in households and which runs anything from clock radios to refrigerators. Originally inverters were designed and used in automobiles, boats and RV’s to allow individuals a power access to run small electronic devices. As devices become more technologically complicated, larger power sources and larger power inverters are needed.

This is the case with home solar power units, wind generators and other power supply options. Popular sizes for household power inverters range from 2500 to 5500 watts. A large enough unit must be acquired not only to provide power to large appliances and audio/visual systems, but it must have an adequate capacity to protect against power surges when appliances are first turned on. A power surge with an inadequate inverter causes damage to the inverter and the battery back up system.

A battery powered inverter allows alternating energy supplies to continue to provide electricity whether the sun goes down, the wind stops blowing, or the batteries are not fully charged. When equipped with a built-in load transfer relay module, power can be directed from the power grid, the battery back-up or to a generator. A battery charger module provides power to charge batteries while the grid is functioning. It is essential that battery set-points are accurate for the size and type of batteries used or damage will occur.

Remote relay systems allow users to install on/off switches or data display screens in any location for easily accessing the system or for retrieving system information. An installed light alarm notifies the homeowner when battery charges are at low levels.

When shopping for a household inverter, take into consideration all the expenses that are incurred. In addition to the cost of the inverter will be the cost of DC and AC adapters, cables, conduit boxes, power relay modules, and alarm devices. Certain model inverters are more equipped than others to provide electrical needs.

Many state and local regulations govern how and when grid power can be sold back to a utility. Necessary requirements must be installed and inspected before this option can be considered.

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